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Advertising Stats

Within Your Account You Will Be Able To View:

Google Clicks & Impressions

You can see the number of impressions and clicks your advertising campaign is generating through Google Ads.


Bing Clicks & Impressions

You can see the number of impressions and clicks your advertising campaign is generating through Bing Ads.


LawClick Network Partner Ads

You can see which law related websites your firm is being advertised on. You can also visit these sites as we link to each one from your account.


Top Keywords / Legal Services

You can see the which keywords / legal services your adverts are performing best for in both Google & Bing.


Top Website Pages

You can see which of your website pages are being visited the most via Google Ads & Bing Ads.


1, 3 or 12 Months of Stats

With A Click of A Button you can view all of the stats for the past 30 days, 3 months or 12 months.


Stats Updated Every 24 hours

Your advertising stats will be updated every 24 hours so you can see the latest stats each day.


Reliable, Accurate Stats

We have integrated Google & Bing’s advertising API’s into our platform which enables us to get the data directly from them so as to provide reliable, accurate stats within your account.

How We Optimise Google & Bing Ads


Profitable Legal Searches

We target the most suitable legal services that will not waste your monthly budget. This greatly helps your money go further.


Target Your Location

All ads will be targeted to your specific location so as to reach a local audience looking for the legal services your firm provides.


Schedule The Ads

Scheduling your ads to run at specific times helps to increase the effectiveness of the campaign and preserve your advertising budget.


Add Negative Keywords

We set negative keywords for all ads so as to avoid paying for related but not profitable searches for your firm. These are extremely important.


Set Cost Limits & Budgets

A cost limit will be set for each legal search so that your budget is not wasted. This also helps Your ads to be competitive with other law firms.


Monitor & Refine

The competition changes from moment to moment with online advertising so campaigns need consistent refinements. Monitoring these changes is also essential.

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